How Do You Harness The Energy of New Beginnings, Every Day?

by Ainslie

Beginning a new project is scary. But it’s also exciting, and involves a lot of energy and momentum. Once you make the decision to start something new – a project, a job, taking a trip, whatever it might be – you’ll probably notice stuff starts to happen around that. Or just in your life in general.

And that’s exciting as shit. Something is happening. Something new is happening.

But, what happens after that initial burst of beginning energy wears off? Does it have to wear off? Can we take a “beginning, again” approach to every day? To every step of a project?

Sure, the beginning is a beginning. But what if the middle is also a “beginning,” of sorts. And what about the end?

This is my own “beginnings are everywhere” mini-manifesto. What do you think?

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Denise May 22, 2012 at 12:49 pm

love it!
perfectionism IS a jerk!.. one that I’d love to punch in the baby-maker.. seriously.
looking forward to hearing more from ya!


Ainslie May 22, 2012 at 2:17 pm

Hahaha, right in the baby-maker. I’m constantly looking for strategies that will act as a “punch in the baby-maker” to the counter-productive aspects of my perfectionism at least for as long as it takes to complete/launch/hit “publish” on a project, post, article, etc. Thanks, Denise!


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